How To Deindex Any Post/Page Permanently?

Hey, are you a blogger, web designer or a digital entrepreneur and stuck on “how to deindex any post or page permanently? Then, this article will help you a lot, just read on.

Every new blogger or digital entrepreneur get stuck at some points, it happens with everyone but you should always find the solution and learn from that problem because that problem will definitely come in future. This is the rule of digital world.

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So, today we will learn “how to deindex any post or page easily” in the most simple steps. So, let’s start it.

Steps on how to deindex any post or page

So, below are the steps to deindex any post or page.

Step 1: Log-in in google with the email linked to your website’s Google search console or webmaster’s tool.

Step 2: Then, click on this link to go to old Google search console.

Step 3: Go to the link of your website post or page which you want to deindex. Don’t close the previously opened GSC tab.

Step 4: Copy the link of post or page which you want to remove.

Step 5: Come again to the previously opened Google search console tab and put the link in the box shown below.

Step 6: After putting the URL, click on “request removal” button.

Step 7: If you had already deleted the post or page, then a pop-up will appear.

Step 8: Now, click on removal.

Step 9: Then, it will be requested for Google to remove the post/page. You just have to wait now.

Now, your post or page will be removed shortly. It is better to first delete the post and then request for the removal of your post or page. So, this was the answer to “how to deindex any post or page easily”.

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