Sixer Fantasy Cricket Game Review: Is it worth investing?

Fantasy games like Dream11 have grown very rapidly and cricket enthusiasts are loving it. However, after Dream11 success, several fantasy platforms like Dream11 have come but could not compete with it.

After the huge success of fantasy leagues in India, thousands of fantasy apps came but none of them tried to bring something new. All of them copied Dream11 but after a long time, Sixer app came with a new idea. Read to know unbiased Sixer fantasy cricket game review.

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What is the Sixer game?

Sixer game is a game developed by Oyestersoft India private limited in which cricket lovers can buy and sell the stock of players.

How will you make profit or loss in Sixer game?

This is something similar like real stock market. You can win and lose real money. If your bought player performs well then the stock value of that player will rise and you can sell that stock, this is how you could make profit in Sixer.

However, if the player bought by you failed to play good, then the stock value of that player may drop and you may have a loss. This is how the Sixer game works.

How to download Sixer fantasy stock game?

Sixer app is not available in the Play store because of some policies of the play store. However, one can download it through the browser. Follow the steps given below to download Sixer fantasy game.

  1. Go to your phone’s browser. You can go with any browser but Google Chrome is recommended.
  2. Search for “Sixer fantasy stock app”.
  3. Open the first link and you will see two buttons to download. One for IOS and one for Android.
  4. If you are using Android then click on “download on Android Store” and if you are using Apple device then click on “Download on the App Store” and download the application.
  5. Then install the app and take a small tutorial or skip it if you don’t want.
  6. Then click on “Join now” and you will see an option to enter referral code. Write “NKXWGV” as the referral code and enter your phone number and sign up.
  7. You will get 10000 free points to practice and understand the game and one real money stock also. You will get real money if your player performs good and if the value of that stock increases.
  8. Now if you want to practice then you can practice with the 10000 free points or if you want to earn real money then add some money and start playing to win real cash.
  9. Enjoy the game and earn.

How to earn by referring in Sixer game?

How to refer in Sixer game?

Follow the steps to earn by referring-:

  1. Open your Sixer game dashboard.
  2. Head over to “My account” section.
  3. You will see an “invite friends” option.
  4. Click on that option.
  5. Then you will see a code on the screen. Either copy that code or click on the “invite friends” button and share it to your friend.
  6. You and your friend will get a free stock if your friend sign up in the “Sixer game” using your referral code.

You can earn unlimited by referring in Sixer stock game. You both will get a real money stock for absolutely free for every successful refer.

Conclusion: Sixer fantasy cricket game review

Sixer is an amazing fantasy stock game. You can earn unlimited. The company tried to bring something new and innovative. If you are losing in fantasy sports, then you must try this game. I am sure that you can win big if you choose and buy stock wisely. Play this fantasy game as a a real stock market and definitely you can earn big.

So, I hope you like the unbiased Sixer fantasy cricket game review. Thanks for reading the article. Please share it to help us.

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