Brave Browser Review: Is It Really The Privacy King?

The world is transforming very rapidly. Today, everyone is aware of his/her privacy.No one is ready to compromise with their privacy. It applies on the internet too. After thousands of cases in which privacy was harmed, people are aware now. They only install trusted apps. Some years ago, it was easy for scammers to do fraud with anyone on the internet but now it’s extremely difficult and not everyone cup of tea.

However, this doesn’t mean that it cannot happen. It can be happened but not that easy as it was earlier. Every browser made them more secure because the internet is based on the browser and if the browser is unsafe then how can the internet be safe? And from there, the competition between browsers started and Brave browser is also one of them. Read the article for unbiased Brave browser review.

However, Google Chrome won this battle and became the world’s most used browser. Chrome has a share of approximately 70% in worldwide browser share.

However, many browsers are coming in the market by upgrading features and one of the best examples is the Brave browser. Brave also came in the market by highlighting it’s privacy feature. In this post, you will get a comprehensive review of Brave browser.

Features of Brave browser

Some of the best features of Brave browser is listed below-:

1. Ad-blocker

Ad blocking is one of the best feature, a browser should have. Our lot of time is wasted because of the Ad. So, this was a must feBrave Browser Review: Is It Really The Privacy King?ature for a good browser.

2. Earn money through Ads

This is one of the reasons why people are choosing Brave browser. Brave browser gave an option to earn money through viewing private ads. If you want to make money through visual cricket then, read this post.

3. Contribute to websites

This option is very good for site owners. Earlier site owners don’t earn much whereas they share a lot of information to their users but this feature enable site owners to receive some money as a tip from their readers.

4. Add bookmarks

This is one of the best and important feature for a browser. Although, Google already has this feature but Brave made it more advanced and attractive.

5. Support most of the chrome extensions

This the the feature which is available in very few browsers but the new Brave browser came with this feature too. This is very important feature for everyone.

Brave browser review: Is It really the privacy king?

When it comes to privacy, no one can mock on Brave. It’s actually brave in protecting the users information and giving them privacy. This browser has defeated all other browsers when it comes to privacy. Brave browser introduced many features to make a shield between hackers and users. The browser introduced cookie controls, blocking scripts, blocking ads and many more and this makes different between Brave and other browsers.

Conclusion: Brave browser review

Overall, Brave browser is an amazing browser if you are conscious about your privacy. The creators of this browser have done very hard work and gave people really good stuff. If you want to make money through browsing then also it is a good option. You can get some pocket money for yourself and you can get payout through bitcoins.

I used Brave browser for some days and found it good. You can also try it. If you want to try then click here to got to the Brave home page.

Hope you liked our unbiased Brave browser review. Thanks for reading. Please share it.

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