How To Speed Up The WordPress Site In 2022

Are you also suffering from a problem with the slow speed of your WordPress site? Don’t worry, you have nothing to think about, because this detailed article will solve all your problems and provide you with the final solution for the same.

A slow WordPress site can cause you serious damage in terms of visitor satisfaction. On the other hand, if your site takes too long to load the page, then neither users will like it, nor you will like Google, and the result will happen, you will lose your site’s ranking in the search engine.

If the study found that when the site takes more than 0-2 seconds, it considers a good speed, but on the other hand, when the site takes more than 3-4 seconds, you should immediately take measures to increase the speed of the site, but when your site takes more than these seconds two structures, then you have a problem, buddy.

According to Google’s report, once a site loads in more than 5-6 seconds, it won’t get a higher rating. So, what can you do to make your website smoother and increase loading time?

Don’t worry, Ezeviral is here to help you deeply and in every way possible. So let’s start publishing and find out what solution you can try to speed up the WordPress site.

How To Speed Up The WordPress Website In 2022
We share some of the key factors that you should definitely try if you want to boost the speed of your WordPress site. All points work in different aspects, but you should try them all. After all, who knows which one works for you.

Contact Your Cloud Hosting:
Your hosting provider may be the culprit for the slow operation of your site, so before taking any action, you should at least worry about them if their servers have any problems or compatibility issues on their part.

As we know, shared hosting stores thousands of websites on a single server, so if you use shared hosting, the server manages thousands of sites at the same time, so it can be a slow speed issue. You can consult with hosting providers on this issue to solve the problem.

Use an Effective Caching Plugin:
The Cache plugin comes into play to increase the speed of your site without any external effort. There are many cache plugins available, so you can choose the best one by seeing their reviews and ratings provided by existing users.

The cache plugin basically stores the final look of your site even after visitors get to the site. It provides data directly in the shortest possible time.

By using the cache plugin on your WordPress site, also take responsibility for WordPress generating data such as HTML, images, fonts, Flash files, CSS code and JS for each user.

A content delivery network is also useful:
You can try integrating CND into your site, as it will also help you increase the speed of your site. Most of the major hosting providers offer you a free CDN with hosting, if you don’t, you can buy the premium version.

CDN is essentially a server distribution platform that surprisingly minimizes the slow loading speed of your site and reduces the physical location between the User and the server.

The best thing is that CDN can work with any type of website. Our recommendation is to make sure that these features are enabled on it-jQuery, fonts, Plugins, JavaScript, CSS, before using premium CDN.

Try To Compress Multimedia Files:
Multimedia files are one of the biggest culprits for the slowness of any website. Not all professional bloggers just create and upload an image to a post because it slows down your site.

Every time you insert an image or video, try to compress them as much as possible. There is a free and paid tool that can be used to compress the size of your image file.

The larger the image or video, the longer it will take to load your site, so be sure to reduce the size before publishing the content.

Look For Inactive Plugins:
If your WordPress site is full of unwanted or inactive plugins, the speed of your site may be low.

An inactive plugin can be the cause of slowing down the rendering of the site and problems with latency. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to enable automatic plugin updates on your WordPress site, as it has been discovered that outdated Plugins are also the cause of your site slowing down.

There are many plugins available that can reduce your burden of checking the status of all the plugins you have installed.

We recommended Query Monitor because it is free and does its job efficiently. As soon as you add this plugin, it will automatically notify you when it detects a problem with the performance of your site.

Keep Everyone Up To Date:
As we mentioned above, keeping outdated tools on your sites, such as plugins and themes, is the most important thing because if you continue to use outdated tools on your site, it will definitely slow down the speed of your site.

Because as soon as the feature becomes obsolete, it will also slow down the speed of your site. Therefore, make sure that everything that is updated on your site includes themes, Plugins.

Whenever you find an update available, update it immediately. You can enable automatic updates for everything, it will consume your data, but it’s worth it.

Use A Light Theme.
Themes are the elements that make your site attractive, but we’ve seen that people still prefer performance design.

It’s not always fair for every shiny thing to be golden. You can get a lot of themes on the WordPress market that are not only light, but also beautiful.

Always try to keep your theme simple and clean, because unnecessary widgets, sidebars, sliders and sharing buttons can burden servers and slow down the response of hosting providers’ servers.

Google Fonts:
All professional developers and bloggers are focused on using google fonts, the reason is that Google fonts have a giant library, which significantly reduces the additional load on the server.

Because all fonts are stored on another server. Google Fonts not only improve the speed of your site, but also give your readers a great experience to stay on your site for a long time.

Reducing Database Calls:
Since all the points mentioned are very easy to implement, but in order to apply them, you need to be a little technical in order to retain knowledge about WordPress and PHP templates, if you don’t, we strongly recommend that you hire a developer for this task.

If your database receives too many unnecessary requests from incorrectly coded plugins or themes, this may also be a good reason for slowing down your site, since these unnecessary requests put a lot of load on your server.

All topics with the codes they call from the database to provide the server with detailed information and information about your blog.

Don’t use unnecessary widgets and social sharing buttons:
Unnecessary widgets and social sharing buttons are a common cause of website slowdowns, usually a newborn blogger or developer uses such features on a website.

The new developer believes that installing the maximum number of widgets and social sharing buttons will make their site attractive, this is a myth. These types of plugins make your site very slow and also reduce usability.

It doesn’t say that you don’t include these buttons on the site, but you should always be careful to minimize them.

In this article, we shared the secret process of speeding up the WordPress site in 2022, we can guarantee you that if you apply these ten points on your site, you will see that the speed of your site has improved.

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