How To Get Amazon Prime For Free For 1 Year

Web series has become one of the best entertaining source for everyone who loves being digital, and one of the best web series or OTT platforms in India is Amazon prime.

With Amazon prime, you can also get super fast delivery and discounts on Amazon other than OTT. So, in this article we will discuss on how to get Amazon prime for free and not for 1 or 2 months but for 12 months or 1 year. So, let’s get started without any further discussion.

What is Amazon prime?

Amazon prime is a premium membership plan started by Amazon in which you get several extra benefits like unlimited, fast delivery of products, exclusive deals, ad-free music, video streaming and many more.

Benefits of Amazon prime

We will know how to get Amazon prime for free but before that let us see what are the benefits of going prime. Some benefits are listed below-:

  1. Super fast unlimited delivery – This is one of the best benefit you would get in Amazon prime membership. You would get fast delivery on over 40 million products.
  2. Ad-free music– In Amazon prime, you can enjoy unlimited music with no ads.
  3. Movies & TV shows – In Amazon prime, you can access to thousands of movies and TV shows of your own choice.
  4. Exclusive deals – In Amazon prime, you could access exclusive deals and sales. For prime members, sale starts before then the normal.

These are some awesome benefits you would get in Amazon prime. Now let us see how to get Amazon prime for free.

How to get Amazon prime for free

Now let us see how to get Amazon prime for free for 1 year. Follow all the steps given below to claim your free account.

Requirement – Firefox focus, 2nd line and any premium VPN 9you can comment below if you want premium VPN for free)

  1. Connect VPN to USA.
  2. Open Firefox Focus browser and visit
  3. Now create a new account. Use 2nd line app to get U.S. number. Use original gmail and fill details randomly.
  4. Now you will get OTP in your 2nd line app. Copy the OTP and paste it in your Amazon page.
  5. Now click on 3 lines i the top left corner and click on account.
  6. Now select prime membership option and select see more plans.
  7. Select yearly plan of $119.
  8. Fill up your name and generate a valid card using 549184 bin. If you do not know how to use the bin, then click here to know.
  9. Now add a billing address. Get it from Google map or enter randomly.
  10. Now select continue and sign up.
  11. Now link to any email. You can use temp mail too.

Boom! You got your Amazon prime yearly account for free.

There is also an alternative method thorough which you can make Amazon prime account of 6 months. Click here to know.

Note-: It is not recommended to use this account for shopping.

We will update you if we find any other working method. Thanks for reading the article.

Hope you liked it and made an account for you using this article on “how to get Amazon prime for free.” Please share it.

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