How To Get EDU Mail For Free (Latest Trick)

Are you also a tech geek like me? If yes, then you may know the importance of edu mail. This mail is very hard to get, but in today’s article we will see how to get edu mail for free and with minimal efforts.

There are tonnes of mail extension but not all of them are worth and hard to get like an edu mail. Edu mail is one of the most worth mail extension and very hard to get if you are not a student of an U.S. based institute. So, let’s see what is EDU mail and how to create an EDU mail for free.

What is EDU mail?

Edu mails are the mail extensions which are issued to only educational institutes, and mainly U.S. institutes are using it.

If you are a student or a staff of such an institute, then you can easily get a personal edu mail for free from your institution. However, this is very hard to get if you are not a resident or student of an U.S. based institute.

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Benefits of EDU mail

There are tonnes of benefits and advantages you would get if you have a personal EDU mail. Some of the best benefits of having an EDU mail are listed below.

  1. 6 months Amazon prime for free – This is the best and most popular benefit of having a personal EDU mail. Amazon gives 6 month free Amazon prime trial for students who have EDU mail.
  2. GitHub – You will get premium GitHub student pack for free which includes 1 year Canva pro, RDP and many more awesome things.
  3. Unlimited Google Drive storage – With EDU mail, you get unlimited cloud storage of Google drive.
  4. Amazon AWS – With EDU mail you will get free $15 coupon of AWS.
  5. Digital Ocean – You will get free $50 credit of DigitalOcean for free.
  6. Twitch prime – You will also get Twitch prime for free with EDU mail.
  7. Namecheap domain – You will also get a. ME domain for free for 1 year from Namecheap worth approx $18 + SSL certificate worth $10.
  8. Microsoft Azure – You can also get Microsoft developers tool for free.
  9. LastPass premium – Get LastPass premium subscription free for 6 months.
  10. Microsoft Office 365 premium – Microsoft Office 365 premium is one of the most used utility software and it’s free with EDU mail.
  11. Adobe creative cloud – Adobe offers 50% off for students with EDU mail.
  12. SendGrid – SendGrid offers 15000 free emails for students.
  13. JetBrains – Get JetBrains developers pack for free with EDU mail.

Have you seen how many benefits are there with EDU mail? So why to wait, let’s see how to get edu mail for free.

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How to get EDU mail for free – Easy guide

Making EDU mail is not that hard as you think. You just have to follow all the steps mentioned below and you can enjoy your EDU mail. Read the steps given below to create an EDU mail for free.

  1. Go to this link –
  2. Click on apply and you will be redirected to a new page.
  3. Use gmail to sign-up.
  4. Copy the fake details from this website –
  5. Select China as birth country.
  6. You will get the link on your gmail in some hours.
  7. Connect to U.S. VPN before clicking on the link.
  8. Change password (you will get the link on your gmail) and login again.
  9. Login page –
  10. Complete the rest steps and use Chinese only.
  11. Now login to student portal using outlook.
  12. Select the mail forwarding option and enter your Gmail there.
  13. Now it’s over. You got your EDU mail for free.

Follow all these steps and claim your EDU mail for free. Hope the article on “how to get EDU mail for free” helped and worked for you.

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