How To Connect Domain and Hosting? (5 Easy Steps)

Are you new in the digital world and making a website? If yes, then this post will be very helpful for you. In this post, we will cover how to connect domain and hosting easily. It is very important, you cannot build a site without it.

This post will be helpful for you if you have bought domain and hosting from different platforms and now want to connect both of them and start your dream website.

So, let’s see both of them from the basics because basics is very important to make a building. So, let’s see what is domain and hosting in simple words.

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What is the domain?

In simple words, domain is the address of your website where users can visit. It is the pillar of any website. No website can be built without a domain name. Let us see an example of domain name, for example, you searched “best earphones under 600 RS” and you found a site ranking on first name “”, this is the domain of that website.

Domain can be anything. Domain is the mixture of your desired name or word + tld. Tld is the word or letter in a domain after your main word such as .com, .xyz, .info, .in, .org etc.

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What is hosting?

Hosting is the place where your all information of the site gets stored. Every tiny and tiny data of your website get stored in the hosting, be it a file, a small zip or anything. Your complete information of the site is stored on hosting.

That is why it is recommended to purchase hosting from a trusted source, such as A2 hosting, Greengeeks etc.

Why to connect Domain with hosting?

It is very important to connect your domain with hosting. When domain and hosting is bought it is not connected with each other that is why we have to connect it so that we can start building our website.

How to connect domain and hosting?

First, you must have a custom hosting and domain. If you have then follow the steps given below-:

  1. First go to your domain provider such as GoDaddy and copy your name server. If you are facing problem to get your nameserver, then either search on GOOGLE or contact your domain provider.
  2. Go to your hosting provider and click on “edit nameserver button”.
  3. Paste the name server copied from your domain provider on the boxes given. If your domain has more nameserver than the boxes given, then click on + icon and add your namserver.
  4. Now click on save and leave some time to update the nameserver.
  5. Time may differ as per your domain provider. The better the domain provider, the fast your nameserver will be updated. If you have bought from Godaddy, then it will hardly take 5 minutes to update namserver.
  6. Now your domain and hosting will be connected. Now you can start building your website.

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