How To Make SMM Panel In Just 7 Steps

Social media has grown very rapidly. Nowadays, the fan following of a celebrity is judged by their followers on Social media. Everyone is being active in social media to grow their influence. This race has led to the evolution of SMM Panel.

So, read on to know what is SMM Panel & How to make SMM Panel easily.

What is SMM Panel

So, SMM Panel is a website where user gets all types of services of social media like followers, comments and likes.

Many big celebrities also use it to increase their followers and likes. So, read below to know how to create SMM Panel.

Steps to make SMM Panel

So, below are the steps to easily make your own SMM Panel.

Chose an API provider

This is a very important step to start an SMM Panel and the most initial work on “how to make SMM panel“. You have to choose an SMM services provider. Your provider should be affordable as well as a quality provider. So, wisely choose your SMM service provider. See and try their SMM service. If you liked its quality and price, then you can choose it.

Buy a SMM script

This is also a very important point. You have to buy an SMM panel script. SMM script is used for your site look and work. This is why you should choose a script very wisely. Choose a good and simple looking theme for your website. Some of the best scripts are Smart panel, Indus Rabbit, and Magduriyet. These are the best scripts in the market and are available on Code Canyon.

Set-up the script

After buying the script, you have to set-up the site with the script. The process is easy and you can see a lot of videos about it on YouTube. There are tonnes of videos on “how to set up a site using code canyon script“. If you are unable to do so, then you can hire a person. You can easily find anyone who can set-up a site using a script. You can find them on Fiverr or freelancer. They will charge very less up to 1000 INR.

Connect API with the provider

This is a very easy step. You can find the API option in your website easily. Go there and copy API key and ID from your provider and connect your site. Add some money in your provider’s panel, then your work could be done automatically.

Set-up payment gateway

This is also a very important step, in fact, this is the main step. You have to carefully set-up payment gateway, otherwise, your all income can go waste. Go to payment gateway option in the back-end of your site and enter your payment details accordingly.

Launch the site

After it, your back-end work is over. Now you can launch your site but remember you have to manage your order and site regularly otherwise your customers will be unsatisfied by your service.

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Promote your site on social media

After doing all the work, now you have to promote your website. SMM Panel is based on social media and you can attract many customers to your website through social media. So, be active on social media and attract some customers.

After getting some customers, you could also use paid ads or paid promotion. It will give a boost to your website. So, all these ways will help you to make your own SMM panel and earn money with it. Hope you understood “how to make SMM panel in 7 easy steps”.

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