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Amazon prime MOD APK Download (Latest Version)

Are you a web series lover like me? Then you must have thought of Amazon prime MOD APK in which everything is unlocked.

Amazon prime regularly launches some awesome web series which everyone loves. There are millions of Amazon prime users, but many people could not afford it.

So, in this post we have come with the solution so that everyone can enjoy without paying a single penny. In this post we will provide you Amazon prime MOD APK so that you can also enjoy amazing series that you love.

What is Amazon prime video?

Amazon prime is a premium membership plan started by Amazon in which you get several extra benefits like unlimited, fast delivery of products, exclusive deals, ad-free music, video streaming and many more.

However, in this Amazon prime MOD APK you will only be able to browse TV shows and web series. You cannot do shopping in this MOD APK.

What is Amazon prime MOD APK?

Amazon prime MOD APK is an unlocked and free version of Amazon prime video app. Every web series and TV shows in this MOD is unlocked. You can watch anything for free in this Amazon prime video MOD APK. 

There are many benefits of using Amazon prime video MOD APK. Some benefits are listed in the lines given below.

Benefits of Amazon prime MOD APK

Before downloading, you may think that what is the benefit of Amazon prime video MOD APK? Why should I download it? If you are thinking so, then the answer is given below.


You are free to share this APK. You can share it to your close friends, family members and to anyone. This is something similar to sharing the real account.


You can also enable the caption of the video. Many of us watch Hollywood movies, but we’re unable to understand their flow of English. So, this option will help you understand every line correctly. 


This is also a fantastic feature. You can download the video or web series you want to watch later. However, your downloaded videos will be deleted automatically every 30 days.

Auto play

This is a very useful feature for people like me who watch no web series in one flow. This is a very useful feature if you take breaks in watching a series. This feature helps to auto-play the series from where you left last time. 

These were some best rated benefits of using Amazon prime MOD APK. 

If you want to download Amazon prime MOD APK, then read the steps given below. 

Guide to download Amazon prime MOD APK

Follow the steps given below to download MOD APK easily.

  1. Click on the download button given below.
  2. After that you will see a pop-up on your device.
  3. Click on “install anyway” and wait for sometime to install the APK.
  4. Now install the APK and enjoy.

People also ask {FAQ}

Is it safe to use Amazon prime MOD APK?

If you are downloading it from a trusted website then it is safe to use.

Is it official MOD APK?

No, Amazon prime does not allow to use its premium stuff for free. It is moded by any 3rd party developer.

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We do not support any piracy. This post is only for educational purpose.

We also do not claim this APK as our product. The copyright goes to its owner only. Use this at your own responsibility.

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