Diwali Wishing Script 2021 Free Download

Hey, Diwali is coming soon. We all know how big festival Diwali is. It is a very big festival in India. Billions of people celebrate Diwali around the country and world.

We all wish our family members, colleagues, and well-wishers a happy Diwali, but what if you wish them digitally as well and make some money too? Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, it is, and believe me, you can easily do it without spending a single penny. So in this post, I will give you Diwali wishing script for free and how to set up Diwali script. So, let’s start with no delay.

What is Diwali wishing script?

We all know how big festival is Diwali in India. We all wish others happy Diwali on the occasion of Diwali. However, we usually wish them physically.

Diwali wishing script is a way to wish unlimited peoples a happy Diwali and make money too. Isn’t it amazing that you can make money through wishing people? Yes, it is. So read below to know how you can make a Diwali wishing website using Diwali wishing script for free.

How to make a website using Diwali wishing script

You do not need much thing to make a wishing website using Diwali wishing script for free. Just follow the steps below and make your website using Diwali wishing script.

  1. Download the wishing script given below.
  2. Log in to Blogger or sign up if you have not made your account yet.
  3. Go to your admin dashboard of Blogger and click on “create a new blog”.
  4. Then go to “theme” and select any theme.
  5. Scroll down and revert to classic editor.
  6. Now OFF “Change NavBar“.
  7. Select all code or click Ctrl+A in Edit theme HTML.
  8. Delete all the codes which you selected.
  9. First, select all the codes (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C) all the codes of the downloaded file (given below).
  10. Paste all the codes (Ctrl+V) copied from the downloaded file and paste it into Edit theme HTML.
  11. Now visit your website. Your website will be almost completed.

Download Viral Diwali wishing script

It is quite easy to download viral wishing script of Diwali. Just download these script and follow the steps given above and make your awesome wishing website for free.

To see the demo of viral wishing website, click below.

To download the script, click on the button given below.

Credit – Anantvijaysoni

Methods to monetize your website

There are many methods to monetize every type of websites. Let us see some of the most profitable method to monetize viral wishing websites.


This is one of the most popular way of monetizing viral wishing websites. For sure you can use that. You will be able to generate a good amount of money if you successfully gather good traffic.

You can use Adsense if you have Adsense account otherwise you can try Adsense alternatives.

Affiliate marketing

This is also very used method. You can monetize through Amazon affiliate and can make a good amount of money. You will get commission if anyone purchase through your link.

Suggested Posts

You can also make money through suggest people to read other posts. You can contact any blogger for that. You can generate good money if you get traffic.

Downloading apps

There are many CPA offers in the market which give you commission if anyone download their app through your link.

These were the best monetization techniques through which you can earn through your website.

Hope you liked the post and make your own site through Diwali wishing script and make money.

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