Udemy vs Skillshare: Whose Courses Are Better?

Are you too confused between Skillshare and Udemy like other thousands of people who want to buy a course? So, in this blog your all confusion related to Udemy vs Skillshare will be cleared.

Online learning market is growing ridiculously. People are preferring online learning rather than going to an institute. Only in India, online learning market is expected to reach almost ₹360 billion. In the Corona pandemic, online course market is at its peak. It is booming now. This is the best time to take a course and learn the skill that you love.

There are more than 1,30,000 courses on Udemy and more than 22,00 courses on Skillshare. You have many options to learn on both the platform. On both the platform, you have hundreds of courses to choose from. You have hundreds of options on both the platforms. So, if you want to learn a skill then read this blog completely and you will be able to know Udemy vs Skillshare and which is better.

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Udemy vs Skillshare: Pricing

Whenever we think of learning a skill, the first thing that strikes our mind is cost. If we learn anything in a physical institute then the cost of learning increases to 20x to 30x. However, both this platform is known for providing affordable courses. So, let’s see the pricing structure of both the platforms.

Courses of Udemy starts from 400 INR whereas Skillshare offers courses on a membership basis. Skillshare offers 2 month trial and there after it charges $63 annually and $8.73 if you purchase on monthly basis. If you are a team, then Skillshare has something special to you. You can see dem as well.

Udemy vs Skillshare: Quality

When it comes to the quality of course, then both the platform compete against each other very boldly. Udemy has both types of video quality. Some of the courses on Udemy doesn’t offer good quality whereas many do but in Skillshare all the courses are of very high-quality.

Udemy vs Skillshare: Options

Both the platforms have many options of courses and you can select the best. However, this is only available in traditional and famous courses. When it comes to some rare and unknown course, then Skillshare loses the battle.

Skillshare doesn’t have many options for courses when it comes to untraditional and less famous courses. However, Udemy has almost all types of courses and you have thousands of options to choose from.

Udemy vs Skillshare: Courses

Both platforms have thousands of courses to offer. However, Udemy has 7 times more courses than Skillshare. Udemy has more than 1,30,000 courses and Skillshare has more than 22,000 courses.

Udemy has every type of courses whether it is a management course, business course, financial course, or a marketing course whereas Skillshare only has courses which have a great demand in the market like management, financial or entrepreneur course.

Udemy vs Skillshare: Gurus or teachers

When it comes to the quality and qualifications of the gurus, then Skillshare is simply the best. On Udemy, anyone can make his/her course and sell and so the Skillshare but Skillshare makes his own Skillshare originals.

In Skillshare originals, Skillshare tie-up with some of the best known professionals of their respective industry and provides some awesome and quality information.

For example, Skillshare tied-up with Rand Fishkin (founder of MOZ) and produced an awesome quality content on SEO.

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Udemy vs Skillshare: Conclusion

So, finally, by reading all the above points, you would have got some thoughts in your mind. Skillshare is best if you want to learn a long course means a course which takes time to learn and Udemy is best if you want to learn a course which takes less time and get completed in 10-20 days.

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If you are unable to find the course that you want in Skillshare then you can go with Udemy but always check review of that teacher.

Hope you liked our comparison between Udemy vs Skillshare. Thanks for reading the article. Please share it.

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